New category "Travelling in Czech Republic" has been created. http://www.zuzanalhotska.cz/en/gallery/Toulky%20po%20CR/18/
http://www.zuzanalhotska.cz/en/gallery/tehotenske%20foto/18/ I took one of my first maternity portraits last week and really enjoyed it. I cannnot wait for the next chance for maternity picture taking. Barbora, Alena, don´t you feel like taking some pictures?
A couple of new photographs  from the collection "Spring 2010" have been added into the gallery "Plants". http://www.zuzanalhotska.cz/en/gallery/Priroda/rostliny/18/
Me and my husband Ondrej visited Venice Carnival on the weekend February 13th and 14th You can find photographs from our trip in the section "Reportage". http://www.zuzanalhotska.cz/en/gallery/Fotoreportaz/Karneval%20v%20Benatkach%202010/18/

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